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fiber optic



Symmetrical & Asymmetric speed offerings of 25Mbps thru 1 Gbps

Modem with LAN ports and Wi-Fi networking included

Available with Static or Dynamic IP addressing

No signed contracts with long term commitments

Supports data intensive applications used by business customers



Per Device/month

Identify threats With global coverage and threat analytics

Neutralize threats immediately with Cloud Web Security

Managed and control network with no added infrastructure.

Policy Enforcement with dynamic analysis Logging and reporting

Tracks malnets 24x365 and has been tracking network threats since 2006

voice service



Latest VoIP technology SIP, PRI, Hosted, & On Premise.

Global calling features with low price anywhere in the world.

Protect your current phone equipment investment

Choice from paying for only what you use or low monthly options.

Are you stuck in multi year contract? We can help and get you in the right solution.

Experience internet at the speed of light

Fiber optic internet is here, find out how it will effect your business with proven service providers.

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I can help you with this

I can help you with this

security of your business is not only for you

The reality of security is mathematical, based on the probability of different risks and the effectiveness of different countermeasures. But security is also a feeling, based not on probabilities and mathematical calculations, but on your confidence to react to both risks and countermeasures.

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Telephone is dead. communicate with your customers the way they want.

Communication is at the heart of human interaction, and it can make or break a business. Being able to communicate effectively with customers can lead to increased sales, repeat business and referrals. Find out how you can communicate better cost effectively.

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I can help you with this

how we do it

Informed Decision

We provide important information to decision makers. From latest market trends, and latest solutions to maximize your technology spend. Not all internet are the same and don't settle for anything less.

Talk with our Experts

Not with a salesmen or marketer. Get expert's opinion with careful assessment of you current business and for the future. Your business is the life line for you and your employees. Don't take the word from anyone who just want to sale you something. Learn about them and let our experts work for you not the other way around.

Learn when to say "Yes"

Purchase decisions are tricky. Following sound decision making process, you can be confident of your decisions. Identify Your Goals, Gather Information, Consider the Consequences, Make Your Decisions, and finally Evaluate Your Decisions. Making the right decisions is hard, especially if IT is not your business. Don't make it a step by step process that you learn from painful and expensive experience. Learn from us.

We learn your Business

With focus on your business objectives, you can determine your priorities to leverage technology. By reviewing your critical business processes, you can start building your ideal environment.

With money on our mind

What is a great solution if it does not make financial sense. No business can survive if your technology does not contribute to your bottom line. We provide solutions with your business objectives, not the service providers. Engineer your IT solutions so you can focus on your customers, create new opportunities and drive efficiencies

How can we increase **

Revenue, efficiency, productivity, and scalability. That is the million dollar question that every technology solution needs to address. If your service does not answer any of the questions if not all, you need to take a hard look at your IT solution and go back to the drawing board. Pick the biggest challenge you face in your business and ask us how we can address that head on leveraging our deep knowledge.

get started today

Don't know where to start? In just few steps, we can provide an IT road map for your business not only for today but for the future.

Customers reviews

What people say about us?

For companies looking to innovate, we recommend exploring bundled internet and integrated voice solutions to get the biggest bang for your buck.  You’re already spending the money on Internet and phones anyway.  Best to do it right and get advice from experts from the get-go.  I know viaCore can help get you there because they helped us.
Liana K.
Glendale, CA
Partnering with viaCore Strategy, we successfully implemented a “bundled solution” combining high-speed fiber internet, premise-based firewall, and an IP PBX communications system. We met the needs of our common client & we achieved a complete IT infrastructure transformation for our customer with zero downtime during cut-over.
Alan S.
Sacramento, CA