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We help companies run their business better through informed technology decisions. By partnering with you, we provide a tailored solution that prepares your business for success. Your business needs flexible, scalable, and affordable technology to compete and win in today’s business environment.

Jim Lee, CEO & Founder of viaCore Strategy

5 years in the business

Strong Company

Award-winning IT Solutions Provider

Over 50 IT Solutions
1 of the top 100’s Corporation


ViaCore Strategy has forged relationships on the understanding that technology
plays a pivotal role in the delivery and the achievement of an organization’s business goals.


Service Implementation

Solution require analysis,
definition, and design.


Managed Services

Innovative and Transform your business with managed services


Site Readiness

Ensure that the area is ready for you to carry out your telecom site survey.


“For companies looking to innovate, we recommend exploring bundled internet and integrated voice solutions to get the biggest bang for your buck. You are already spending the money on Internet and phones anyway. Best to do it right and get advice from experts from the get-go. I know viacore can help get you there because they helped us.”
Liana Khachatourian
Director Shaghzo & Shaghzo Law Firm, LP
"Partnering with viaCore Strategy, we successfully implemented a “bundled solution” combining high-speed fiber internet, premise-based firewall, and an IP PBX communications system with 15 IP phones. We met the needs of our common client, Helwig Winery. Together with Jim, Francis and skilled viaCore technicians, we achieved a complete IT infrastructure transformation for our customer with zero downtime during cut-over. “
Alan Skinner
CEO of Virtualabs.com

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